LH Workwear

To be an industry leader also means we are followed. As Corporate responsible player, we show the way to best daily practice towards nature's well being ! We contribute to preserve our esteemed environment for future generations.

At LH Workwear, we strongly believe in tye 3 R's : Recuperate, Re-use and Recycle. Paper, cardboard, plastic components, fabric remnants, depleted inventories, are all considered in our Green plan!


Lastly hand in hand with our suppliers and customers LH actively develops ecological products. Some of our garments are made of Oeko-Tex® certified ecological fabrics. In fact, we currently have interesting initiaves on the drawing board. 

For a greener planet!

LH Workwear is a solid and caring corporate player and, as a responsible corporate neighbor, we have always ensured our actions are in sync with our commitments. Each year, LH Workwear recycles its excess fabric, paper, cardboard and plastic. By eliminating waste and reusing useful elements more trees are saved, our carbon footprint and buried industrial components are reduced. We have reduced our paper consumption by half, using electronic invoices and payments.

Over the last year, we were comsequential to our plan: 

  • Paper: 4 cubic meters /week
  • Cardboard: 3 cubic meters/week
  • Plastics: 75 to 100 kgs /month

Ecologically yours!

In collaboration with teams of researchers, innovators and inventors, LH Workwear is working to create and develop exclusive natural materials that allows us to present to the industry any new range of environmentally friendly materials. Clearly, we go green!

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