Similarly to the Fashion Industry, the work wear garment selection renamed '' Ready-to-Work'' by LH Workwear, demands an increased design investment. This is how we stand out in the crowd : competitive offer in a comfortable and durable package. This is how we address the ratio Quality-Price!

Our range of products, well reputed for its outstanding quality craftmanship across Canada, is an esthetically approved image to our customer base.

The LH Workwear advantages

Initially, the organization dealt with the rental Industry, which brought LH to a high level of garment endurance and longevity. The garments need to be efficient on a longer span of time as the industry partner rents these garments on the long term. The last thing they need is for the garment to be replaced prior to the estimated date! All a question of feasability! Our performance was astonishing! What was great then is still great today! Why fix it if it ain't broken ? Quality, design, fabric base choices and its Post Cured garment approach are still very much the daily subject at LH!

The Post Cured approach is unique to LH Workwear in Canada. The textile finishing contains finishing agents that allow a soft drying procedure and anti crease for the life of the garment. A special resin is applied on the fabric and dryed in low temperatures at the mill level. The garment then gets cut and sewn, pressed and the, only then, it gets heated at high temperatures so the resin components get to fuse together.

Ready-to-Work apparel with a permanent pleat, clean and professionnal appearance, all of which was induced a remarkable memory!

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