Protection is prime!

Over the last 15 years in Canada, increasingly hostile work environments have brought industry leaders to create and implement Safety standards to assist in that quest. Whether it may involve Electrical Arc Flashes, Hydro Carbon Flash Fires or welding in high melting temperatures, an apparel protection was presented!

In North America, in an industrial context, a litlle over 7000 incidents occur each year. Unfortunately, some of these are fatal! Thankfully, PPE ( Personnal Protective Equipment ) has saved many from major injuries!

The LH Workwear advantages


Technical know-how amongst the leading team cumulates 165 years of experience, textile and garment manufacturing combined. Fast problem solving in line with current Safety Standards and a clear view as to the exposed challenge is our strength.

Our Customer service agents are trained to demystify these safety standards and keep you up todate on new regulations as they pop up so we continiously suggest the appropriate Ready-to-Work item.

Unparalleled Quality

We proudly aim at the highest Quality levels so we maintain the acquired long ago Quality reputation! Our customers benefit from competitive pricing and Quality products. The best of both worlds!

Wide range

Our diverse Ready-to-Work and custom made garment offerings, will fill your expectations whether it may be the fabrics weights and constructions or the color pallet.

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