Food Apparel

Commercial or institutional food preparation and distribution requires light weight comfortable and durable clothing solutions. Our corner store butcher or the regional slaughterhouse also demand agressive and proper clothing attire!

Fabric composition is outmost important in the food industry. A 100% polyester fabric base is ideal in environments where blood is present. Upon washing the garment, it comes right back to its bright white initial apperance and its durability is legendary. It's an important attribute as these garments get laundered time and time again! However, in the restaurant market segment, a polyester and cotton fiber mix remains the prefered choice for its comfort aspect.

The LH Workwear advantages

Food industry was the very first market LH Workwear approached successfully. It was with a major Food Chain across Quebec, that LH Workwear created its first workwear clothing. We developed a custom built wardrobe, specifically adapted to their employee needs. From that point on, with such a massive market exposure, LH Workwear quickly became the reference. Our expertise in the field has grown ever since.

Our "ready-at-work" price points in the food industry continue to out match our competition. Furthermore, we ensure timely availability from our on-site warehouse. Whether you need a shirt and a pant for your kitchen staff, the chef or the local grocery store meat counter, LH has all you need.

While the color choice is relatively standard with the traditionnal white for the upper body and/or houndstooth design for the pants, the garment types are of various tastes. Shirts, pants or chef coats are available in two choices of fabrics : Polyester/Cotton or 100% polyester. Complementary T-Shirts, short coats, coveralls or shop coats round out the range of food industry garments.

Gradually, LH's diversity capitalized over numerous requests of custom made programs.

Find out for yourself and call on our reputable Customer Service personnel.

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