Forest fire /Wildlands Standards

Some believe there is no emergency to adopt appropriate "ready-at-work" clothing for our forestry team, but, our North American forests are naturally devastated each summer by brush fires ignited by lightning or humans, and our presence is put to service.

Our natural resources are protected by teams of brave men and women who are specialized in this dangerous environment. Whether they are associated to governmental task forces or regional voluntary fire crews, a "ready-at-work" Wildlands standard was implemented in Canada, using similar conditions as the U.S. Wildlands NFPA 1977. The Canadian standard CAN/CGSB 155.22 dictates to protective textiles producers the certifying conditions and mandatory lab tests. For the most part, end users have selected the light weight inherently flame resistant Nomex® IIIA for its comfort and durability. Over time, other fabrics were introduced to address lower budgets while fully compliant and appreciated!

The LH Workwear advantages

The "ready-at-work" in forest fire protection is particularly dear to our hearts. It actually gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities in creating custom making in full respect of supplied technical specifications. Unique configurations and fits are required and Louis-Hebert is compared advantageously. The programs are usually the result of public tenders which are often awarded to LH. Our pattern maker is our secret weapon! Her opinion and suggestions are legendary. When and if a specific garment detail defies logic or its practical aspect, she is heard! Among other seeked advantages offered by LH, pattern making is an art in this extremely competitive market segment.

There is no second chance! The prototype must be perfect! This is why LH has become an ideal business partner. Its genuine concern for the firemen in security and comfort contributed to LH's recognition as the professional, trustworthy Wildlands supplier.

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