Laboratory apparel

The conventional lab coat is generally worn in scientific, medical and research environments. While a simple garment type, lab coats are nevertheless the most popular and purchased in volumes. White is unanoumous!

Two fabric choices are presented; a light weight poly cotton or 100% cotton for conventional lab tasks. Within that segment we offer various styles, all or witch are White. 

Furthermore, antistatic lab coat types are required against static transmission which affect electronic chips or electronic components, both sensitive to statics. A static charge can and will damage electronic components if no strict garment code is in place. Then warp knit construction brings a light weight and comfortable work environment as well as dissipates the annoying statics.

The LH Workwear advantages

Our sewing assembly ensures total static dissipation from panel to panel by using a specific sewing thread.

Louis-Hebert's product is the best performing antistatic lab coat in the industry. For decades now, Louis-Hebert is viewed as the leader in the industry for this specific application. We remain dedicated in developping custom made programs to the large pharmaceutical market segment. Why do they keep choosing us? Simple, craftmanship, design, professionnal appearance and long lasting garments.

Try them out! Surely, you will also agree!


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