Welding Apparel

Industrial welding is done in many ways : TIG, WIG, grinding, Arc and many more! Many agree: welding can be risky to one's heath and well being. Welder's physical integrity is at stake.

Quebec's Health and Safety regulators, CNESST, has actually stepped forward and implimented the very first North American welding protective apparel standard: EN ISO 11611 and EN ISO 11612. These two European standards are the only ones devoted specifically to industrial welding on PPE (Personnal Protective Equipment). The standards lead the way in terms of fabric types and garment design.

From now on, CNESST inspectors visit and evaluate Québec welding shops to ensure they adhere to this total protection system. Furthermore, CSA committee on welding is also considering following the same path and potentially implementing it themselves. Keep your ear to the ground.

To all interested, you are on notice. The traditionnal non-flame resistant 100% cotton belongs to the past.

The LH Workwear advantages

Immediately, LH reacted and actively participated in the very first "ready-at-work" welding compliant work gear. Right from the start, our in- house textile and garment experts joined forces with a Québec based textile consortium "Yarn/weaving-dyeing/garment manufacturing" and together, created a textile construction meeting all physical aspects within that standard. European labs assisted the group in guiding, recommending and confirming appropriate certifications. We did it!

LH now posesses 2 "ready-at-work" welding garment versions for the industrial welding application; 100% flame resistant cotton, and an inherently product.

LH is a leader in industrial welding and has become THE reference. Our new F.R. fabrics has everyone's jaws drop to the floor!

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