Maximum protection with capital M

All workers are at risk when referring to Arc Flash. Whether you may be an electrician, a lineman, electro-mechanic, hydro posts installer, an instrumentation technician, a blue collar worker in aqueduc underground sites or the city's electrification services, a hydro electricity distribution worker, everyone needs a full body protection.

An Arc Flash's heat level reaches as high as 16,000 degrees Celsius within less than a second! A maximum protection will prevent major burns if not a fatal scenario. In these circumstances, the Canadian CSA Z462 comes at the rescue with its four categories, appropriately designed to address all potential hazardous environments. Category 2 is the most common one of all. The standard determines the heat calorie level, per square centimeter, per second that a protective apparel should be tested to. In the case of Category 2, 8 to 25 calories per square centimeter per second are a must, to fit right in!

The "Ready-at-Work" essentially becomes the appropriate protective shield as it won't flame up, nor melt nor drip. Finally, be aware, a "ready-at-work" ward robe within the protection world, relates to all garments being flame resistant.........even the underwear.

The LH Workwear advantages

Louis-Hebert offers the most complete protective "ready-at-work" wardrobe: shirts, pants, coveralls, bomber jackets, parkas, lined bib overalls, lined coveralls, balaclavas, quilted hard hat liners and many more. Quality in protection apparel is present in every stitch at Louis-Hebert.

Our attention to the market place's ever changing needs animates our R&D team, who continuously create the unexpected.

Stay well informed so you acquire the appropriate apparel. At Louis-Hebert, you will find professional guides who will suggest, confirm your views or on the contrary, explain why a switch must be done, as we learn of your specific environments.

Based on valid current protective apparel standards, you will find your ideal business partner at Louis-Hebert. Our on hand and "créations" inventories allow total satisfaction. We dare to pretend that you will appreciate the devotion and attention of our leaders, representatives and employees!

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