LH Workwear is your perfect partner

We offer an exclusive Post Cured fabric finishing on our pants and shirts. The garments are actually cured after manufacturing, once pressed. The result is impressive! A permanent pleat, a superior color retention and an improved fabric /garment stability.and, finally, a much longer life span for the same investment as made elsewhere. Talk about a value added feature!

In Protective Apparel manufacturing, our long time manufacturing/Design and sales Teams are your best friends! We care about your safety and comfort! Appropriate North American Safety Standards are selected to match the appropriate risk at hand! Each customer is unique in its demand and proper unique touch is presented to your Team. Whether Image or functionnality is of essence, we will find what is best, all done right here in Laval, Quebec.

Ever since 1966, our manufacturing Team is next to none! Our mindset is to protect your employees as our own! Our in-house textile expertise adopts the appropriate fabric base, the best for a specific application!

Over the years, a genuine complicity has developped with our long time accounts. The custom made styles fit just like a glove! Furthermore, we decorate the final work with embroideries, crests, additionnal special pockets, exclusive internal thermal components or any other special feature to adapt a specific work environment!

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