The miner

Mine your own business!

In Canada our mining industries are economically important and very active. The Canadian soil is ritch and contains a large array of metals, wether gold, silver, nickel, copper, rare earth, iron and many more.

Mine workers are exposed to harsh and explosive environments. 100% cotton garments offer comfort while the "ready-at-work" flame resistant (F.R.) ensures safety and protection, given a major deflagration.

The work is performed 1 or 2 kilometers under ground, in damp under ground rocky galeries. Natural light is non existant and is replaced by lighting systems, thus creating shade in many areas. The Hi Visibility "ready-at-work" apparel is mandatory. This condition lead to new regulations, whereby the color orange, whether pant or shirt a coverall, became the norm.

Louis-Hebert offers a diversified "ready-at-work" garment selection, all of which have the appropriate grey reflectives as per CSA Z96-15. These garments are the result of a close relationship with the mining industry leaders. The worker's safety is prime. It's our responsability!

The LH Workwear advantages

The mining industry requires specific garment attributes, whether design based or National standards conformity. Louis-Hebert delivered when called upon. Its custom made staff abilities have always serviced its mining customer base very well. Whatever the industry may be seeking, we either have it already or we will find a fast and appropriate solution to make it available.

Long term customer commitments lead to instant product availability year round, even on custom made programs.

Keep in mind what really matters: flexibility and accessibility

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