A wealth of tradition!

Founded in 1966 under “Les ateliers Louis Hébert” by Eugene Charest as a sub-contractor, it wasn’t until 1972 when his son Denis, came on board, that the business was transformed as a formal manufacturing facility dedicated to the rental industry. The first major mandate came from a major Food Chain across Quebec, creating an exclusive apparel attire for their employees. This custom- made program became our trademark and spreaded across the country.

LH’s exclusive R & D and production processes supported the sales team efforts. Our unique post cured finish with the permanent pleats and superior color retention got everyone’s attention! Quickly, LH was sollicitated from all over as cost structures and garment longevity became a clear advantage.

Various market segments such as the food industry hospitals, municipalities, government agencies and transport were all developped to their fullest potential.

One thing leading to another

Furthermore, in 2006, an additional market segment was born:'' Ready-to-Work'' Protective Clothing, often referred to as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). A very noticeable sales growth became obvious as Flash Fire and Arc Flash work applications came in to play. Today, the Protective Apparel segment accounts for nearly 60% of the production!

Most recently in 2016, within the relm of R & D and Innovation, Welding protective clothing is developed, in line with the recently implemented CNESST ruling for the Quebec market. Both design and fabric bases meeting these new European standards are seeked in North America and abroad. Once again, LH is the leader in the industry and keeps its pole position in a very fast changing market segment. So much so, that we are invited to sit on the committee at CSA on this issue for the Canada wide implementation.

Progressive ready-to-work styles are insink with changing technologies and Innovation!

A rich experience!

More than 165 years of experience and expertise in textiles and garment manufacturing, spread over four (4) in-house leading individuals, are at the industry’s service!

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