Need genuine Anti static apparel?

In order to prevent static in a automobile paint shop, electronic components assemblies or laboratories, this garment fits right in! The fabric base construction carries a leading Carbon thread throughout the garment, from panel to panel, once assembled. Furthermore, light fabric weight is ideal to counter uncomfortable hot work environments.

This range of products is meant to protect the low electric discharges as well as the work environment components. An electronic component can be deemed unuseable as a result of these low electrical discharges, thus weraing the appropriate becomes key. Failing this, the employee risks uncomfortable situations, not to mention the losses to the employer.

The LH Workwear advantages

As in any other product development, we bring our in-house experts together to perform all necessary tests to find the ideal receipe. The best approach certainly lies in the fabric base, but, as well if not a key factor, the thread type used in assembly. Just like a waterproof fabric doesn't do the job alone, the anti satic fabric needs that exclusive sewing thread!

Conductivity tests are regularly performed to determine its performance prior to being shipped out to our customers! Our Inspection department is our guarantee!

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