Road Traffic Apparel

In June 2014, the Québec Ministry of Transport advised of a formal dress code to anyone working on roadways, directing traffic when detours / construction require human presence to assist traffic. Whether in public or private market segments, all are on notice! 

Unfortunately, such improvements are only introduced after fatalities. Accident prevention on roadways work sites is now reviewed and corrected! The Québec Health & Safety Research Center (IRRST) statuated that the very first cause for work related fatalities is on roadways. Approximately 8000 workers have incurred some type of injury between 2000 and 2008. Of that number, 6% was related to a mobile worker at foot!

The highly visible yellow/green fabric background is completed with 6" grey/orange/grey reflectives as per Hi-Visibility CSA-Z96 recommendations. These workers are now visible and less at risk of fatal injuries as it occurred too many times in the past.

The LH Workwear advantages

Once again, Louis-Hebert was the first Québec manufacturer to develop and deliver the very first prevention "ready-at-work" garment to the traffic/flagmen group. A "warp knitted" lightweight durable & high Vis garment was presented for summer wear. Another, rain proofed, was also done in the same motion. The latter was graced with a high Mandarin collar, a zippered front closure and seam sealing tapes on all sewing seams, wherever rain could possibly find its way in. Obviously a warmer garment, the "rain suit" version is strictly used during major down pours only. Our on-hand inventories are regularly refurbished and available for immediate delivery.

Lastly, Louis-Hebert also offers a "ready-at-work" insulated fall/winter version.

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