"Ready-at-work" work gear

Our range is wide. Many employers offer work clothing to their numerous employees across Canada, whether it may be as a negotiated Union pact, a job perk or simply, because the firm wishes a clean, distinctive apparel touch to their work force.

Today's Ready-at-Work is sleek and appealing, in the office and in the shop. Often considered as a financial perk to employees, one can appreciate the Pot of Gold at hand!

You need a shirt, a pant, a coverall, a shop coat or a parka? Better yet, you wished it had all the safety elements that make it Hi Visibility plenty pockets, a crest or a direct embroidery of your company logo, with a Hood or distinctive colors? LH Workwear considers the above the most legetimate privilege, not a luxury! More than a lifestyle, it is style at work !

You appreciate a consciencious supplier that gives you access to its plant and employes devotion ? Don't look any further, you found it at Louis-Hebert!

The LH Workwear advantages

Louis-Hebert is very well positionned to adequately service its industrial customer base. Whether our Laval based manufacturing plant is the answer our imported range of specific and exclusive garments, either way. You deserve the best with this scenario, aggressive pricing and continuous inventory availability, the quality level is what made our reputation.

For over 50 years now, we partnered with the industry. Over 70 sewers devote themselves to your every need. The Laval plant is very much of a beehive. We are proud of such commitment from our staff, who contribute in our customer's total satisfaction and of our long term successes.

Louis-Hebert stands out with its value added custom made items and varied options / solutions presented to our sales team daily.

We pride ourselves of our unique "Post cured" garment treatment, which consistantly puts us on the top tier when the Gold medal gets awarded. That long life vat dyed textile is also transformed into a long life permanent crease, a Superior color retention and phenomenal sizing stability. The latter explains why the Rental Uniform players are good friends of ours ! They are great at maths! It's a long term investment!

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